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About Us

Having aimed to be delicate, disciplined and most importantly honest in every job we have done since 1961, our corporation Ayazoğlu-Aktaş Mermer Ldt Şti stepped into the sector with a small workshop, and later preferred to develop itself as a family company in block production and construction area. We are extracting the hardest beige marble of Turkey, which we name outside Turkey as Ada Beige, in our quarry where we still carry out production through our own machinery, equipment and team in Karaburun/Balıklıova Village site. Due to having a homogeneous structure which is hard to be scratched, Ada Beige has wide popularity in domestic and foreign markets. Depending on that, it has been preferred in interior and exterior linings of many prestigious places both in Turkey and in the world.

Kurumsal Görseli

Company general manager is MURAT AYAZOĞLU and he has adopted innovative oriented and sharing management mentality, sense of quality

production and unconditional customer satisfaction as his main principles.


Moreover, the company opened its own property, Tapu Restaurant in 2010 in Alaçatı. Our company carries out various construction works related to real estate development, and develops construction projects particularly in Çeşme and İzmir.


Annual production capacity of our factory is 120,000m2, while our quarry 15,000 tonnes, and we continue production with state of the art machinery following our factory investment in 2014.

Kurumsal Görseli

Our Ayazoğlu-Aktaş Mermer quarry is one of the important representatives of the sector with its strong machinery, maximum production capacity in its factory and continuous products. Making export to tens of countries without compromising on service and quality, Ayazoğlu-Aktaş Mermer will continue its operations with the same determination and resolution.


Ayazoğlu-Aktaş Mermer continues its path by preserving its desire and enthusiasm in the beginning to reach the dreamier for years.

Kurumsal Görseli